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CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns – Indianapolis, IN

Fast Repair for Damaged Teeth

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If you have ever received a dental crown in the past, you might remember a slow and inefficient treatment process. Thanks to advanced CAD/CAM technology, our practice can do things differently. With the help of the CEREC system, we are able to fabricate high-quality same-day crowns. Would you like to learn more about this fast method for repairing damaged teeth? Continue reading below, and then contact our Indianapolis dental team when you are ready to request a consultation for restorative treatment.

Why Choose Martinez Dental for CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns? 

  • Not Available at All Dental Practices
  • Beautiful Results & High-Quality Restorations
  • Kind & Empathetic Dentist and Team

What Are CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns?

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A dental crown is a custom restoration that fits over the entire exposed portion of a tooth (everything above the gumline). They are sometimes referred to as “caps,” and their job is to restore the form, function, and appearance of damaged teeth. For example, we often used them to protect teeth that have undergone a root canal, prevent further harm to decayed and cracked teeth, and more.

Traditionally, two or more dental appointments are required to design and create a dental crown. CEREC technology streamlines the process. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. That might seem like quite a mouthful, but the basic principle is easy to understand. Basically, CEREC crowns are high-quality restorations that are made right here in our office with the help of CAD/CAM technology. We can usually finish the process in a single day.

The Process of Getting a CEREC Same-Day Dental Crown

Block of dental ceramic inside CEREC milling unit

The CEREC process starts when we prepare your tooth to receive its crown. In many cases, this means that we have to remove some of its enamel so it will fit well beneath its restoration. Then, we use a scanner to capture a digital impression of the tooth. With the aid of advanced software, we design your restoration, and then we send that design to our ceramic milling unit, which carves the restoration out of a block of dental-grade ceramic. Once we verify that the crown meets our expectations, we attach it to the tooth. The entire process takes just a few hours and can usually be completed in a single appointment.

Benefits of CEREC Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

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Some outstanding benefits of CEREC crowns include:

  • You can save time. You may only have to make one trip to our office instead of two or more.
  • No need for a temporary crown. Temporary crowns can be unsightly and uncomfortable. CEREC technology eliminates the need for you to wear one.
  • No messy impressions. Manual impressions can be uncomfortable. Digital impressions are faster and more accurate.
  • Beautiful results. The ceramic used to make CEREC crowns is almost indistinguishable from natural tooth enamel.
  • CEREC crowns can last for 10 years or longer if they receive proper care. They are just as durable as their traditionally made counterparts!
  • Despite the advanced technology involved, CEREC crowns are often comparable in price to traditional crowns.